The Rumour Mill

Name: The Rumor Mill
Recorded: 2019.05.18


++ Annex, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

** The Guardian speaks to the Drifter after acquiring Outbreak Perfected.

// REFERENCE {Quest:Fallen Transponder and Zero Hour, Outbreak Perfected}

The Drifter: Hey - word around the Tower is that you snuck your way into a Cryptarch vault. Took somethin’ that wasn’t yours. It’s a strong move that the Vanguard won’t like. If they find out. I dig it. Hey, do me a solid. I’m a scavenger. Live a hard life. If you make your way back into that vault - grab something for me, will ya?

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Thank you for doing this transcript @Giellman-10. Could you please upload the video to youtube and then edit the transcript to include a link to the youtube video? Transcript videos need to be on youtube in order to be uploaded to the Ishtar site. Thank you!

Created The Rumour Mill based on this post.

Just wanted to bring attention that this entry is actually called “The Rumor Mill” and not “The Rumour Mill” like it’s up on Ishtar. That can be verified in the video itself.

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Thanks for the heads up @Sekuiya! I’ll change the title on Ishtar.

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