The Weapons Of Sorrow

Ok so heres the deal we know that Thorn and Nechrochasm are the 2 known weapons of sorrow…but if we pay attention there are more…the others dont have names but we know one is an assualt rifle and the other is a hand cannon i need yalls help getting the names

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Regarding your post, I don’t understand how this is a “community creation”… is this not more of a lore question? I’m also not sure what led you to the conclusion that there is a weapon of sorrow that is an assault rifle. Could you share your source on that?


are you meaning bad juju and malfeasance? and welcome! :slight_smile:

  1. we already have a post for this
  2. this isn’t a community creation
  3. Thorn is a modified hand cannon, necro is an AR, these are the only two known “weapons of sorrow” there are no known others, im taking the classification of a “weapon of sorrow” from Byf’s vid in which a WOS is a modified guardian made weapon tainted by hive and used to corrupt other guardians (please correct me if I am wrong on this its been a while)

well i am sorry if my post isnt really understood, i dont really remember what it is from but i know it is from grimoire cards

I would say that a Weapon of Sorrow is more along the lines of the weapon being corrupted, but can put a tapper on a Guardian’s connection to the light. I think anyway.

  1. If there is already a post for this, please link to the post.
  2. The fact that this post is potentially in the wrong category has already been discussed, there’s no need to keep repeating it! :slight_smile:

One of the most important rules that we have (it’s actually #3 after “Be nice” and “Make sure you focus on Destiny”) is to provide evidence.

If you make an assertion, such as that there are two weapons of sorrow besides Thorn and Nechrochasm and that they are an assault rifle and a hand cannon, then you need to provide evidence for that. Unfortunately, saying that the evidence is in some Grimoire Cards is not enough.

heres the link What Should We Qualify As A Weapon Of Sorrow and Ill keep that in mind, usually I just read the post, post a comment and then look at the comments afterwards.