Tree of Probabilities

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Name: Tree of Probabilites
Recorded: 2017.10.05


++The Lighthouse, Fields of Glass
Ikora Rey: I have reports of Red Legion activity on Mercury. Survivors from the Almighty
Sagira: Survivors, huh? Let’s finish the job.

**The Guardian makes their way towards the gateway to the Infinite Forest, killing Cabal on their way.
Sagira: Coordinates locked. Let’s get to that node. Then we can use the map to find Panoptes and stop the dark future.

**The Guardian enters the gateway to the Infinite Forest.
Sagira: OK. Find another gateway and I can get us to the node.

++The Infinite Forest, Fields of Glass
Sagira: Osiris’s Reflections must be searching for Panoptes too. Even if he makes a million copes of himself, I don’t think he’ll find him in time. We need that map.

++Simulant Present, Fields of Glass
Sagira: This is a combat loop: a simulation of the recent past when the Cabal attacked Mercury. The Vex must be testing alternative outcomes.

**The Guardian travels through the Simulant Present looking for the map.
++ Atlas Grove, Fields of Glass
Sagira: The Vex must know we’re after the map — they’re redirecting the Cabal to destroy it. We have to hurry.

**The Guardian hurries towards the coordinates
Sagira: Look at that. Ahead of us. That has to be the map. The Infinite Forest is a doomsday machine, but when you seen it like this… it’s almost beautiful.

**Khartion, Archival Mind appears
Sagira: That Minotaur is going to be trouble.

**Vaulus Thuun jump smashes Khartion in half
Sagira: Aaaand he’s gonna be worse.

**The Guardian starts to fight Valus Thuun who flees to try and destroy the map.
Sagira: He’s going for the map. Hurry!

**The Guardian kills Vaulus Thuun
Sagira: All done. Let’s get that map.

**Sagira hacks the Vex node
Sagira: Scanning… I can’t find Panoptes. The map’s too big: I can’t search it fast enough. It changes constantly. I need more processing power. There are Vex minds on Nessus that might do the trick. You up for a hunting expedition?

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Before the line “Sagira: The Vex must know we’re after the map-” there’s an optional line that can be heard if the Guardian chooses to take the upper paths on the cave to the Atlas Grove. Sagira says one line along the lines of “No need to impress me”, can’t quite recall the exact wording.

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i did try and get it on my playthrough, but even when I took the high path, the dialogue didn’t appear for me. I just assumed that it was only available in the strikes?

Well, I only ever got it in the one time I did the campaign mission. In the Strikes, even if I took the same path, Sagira never said that line again.
Just for the record, the high path that I took that made that line appear, is the one on the right, that ends with a small corridor with lasers on the side.

This is the dialogue you’re referring to right?

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Yes! Can you put that onto a file sharing site so that I can edit into the transcript video please (I can’t download from YouTube)

Created Tree of Probabilites based on this post.

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@pirate_dani @XonVisniyr, I just realised that the optional dialogue never got added to the transcript. I can add it now using a REFERENCE rather than editing it into the original video.