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Name: Unbroken
URL: https://youtu.be/5omp5R3yWHs
Recorded: 2017.10.18


++ Ramp of the Echion, European Dead Zone
** The guardian makes their way into the Cabal ship The Echion.
Ghost: Here we go. We’re in the carrier.
Zavala: Good. Your target is Thumos the Unbroken, one of Ghaul’s chose. The key codes to his ship are your ticket to the Almighty. Hawthorne had a run-in with him while you were off-planet.
Hawthorne: They’re known as the Blood Guard for a reason. I’d tell you to be careful, but… that didn’t help the last team I sent out.
Zavala: Find the command deck, and you’ll find Thumos the Unbroken.
Hawthorne: And you’ll break him.

++ Echion hold, European Dead Zone
Ghost: The bridge should be above us. Let’s find a console and dig up the schematics.
**The Guardian takes Ghost to a console to scan
Ghost: OK, I’ve got the map. Let’s find Thumos.
//If the Guardian hesitates
{Ghost: Just try hopping on that ship. We do this all the time.}

**As the Guardian proceeds up the corridor to Echion Control
Hawthorne: Careful out there. The team I lost to Thumos- they were good people. Some of my best.
Zavala: Our Guardian can handle it, Hawthorne. It’s what we do.
Hawthorne: It’s what you did. Last I checked, without the Light- you and me? Not so different.

**The Guardian takes care of a Cabal guard and the guard war beasts.
Ghost: Ah! The door is sealed!
Hawthorne: Look around. There’s always another way in.
Ghost: Checking the schematics. Got it! Use that vent. It should lead us back to where we need to be.

**The Guardian shoots their way into the vent.
Hawthorne: Wish I could be out there with you. Pull the trigger myself. For my team.
Zavala: Your time will come, Hawthorne.
Hawthorne: I’m counting on it.

**The Guardian fights their way through a machine room.
Ghost: We’re almost through to the hanger.
Hawthorne: By now, Thumous will know you’re coming for him. Expect a welcoming party in there.
Zavala: Holliday, are you in range for an assist?
Amanda: Swinging back around. Gotta shake a couple of these Red Uglies off my tail first!

++ Echion Control
**The Guardian fights their way through Blood Guard Security then opens the door to the Hanger.
Amanda: Someone order backup?
** Holliday hovers her ship outside the hanger strafing weapon fire across the interior killing Cabal.
Amanda: Haha! You better run!

** As the fight with the Cabal progresses
Amanda: Don’t leave the door open if you don’t want me coming in!

**The Guardian and Amanda kill all the Cabal.
Amanda: Alright Guardian. I’ve done my part. Now go take care of Thumos for us.

**Defeats Blood Guard Exemplar and enters the command deck. Thumos appears flanked by a Blood Guard Bulwark and a Blood Guard Close Protection. In the ensuing fight, the Guardian kills them all.
Ghost: Whew! Got the key codes, and Thumos is dead! Check and check!
Zavala: Excellent work. Now get to the base, find his ship and get to the Almighty. We’re counting on you.
Hawthorne: You did a hell of a job, Guardian. I’m trying to spread the word- Thumos is gone for good.

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