Weird triangular symbol on Necrochasm, Thorn, Bad Juju, and most surprisingly Ikora's gun Invective

All these weapons are weapons of sorrow except Invective. Answers people!

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… what is this symbol and where is it located? Do you have pictures?

The symbol is also on Ikora’s shoulder pad I think and is used for the “String of Curses” perk.

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Yeah it is here is the symbol

though invective’s is different

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Also on the Invective is that symbol seen in the Age of Triumph post, specifically the first image in the OP.

I don’t think it’s exactly the same. It looks similar!

No everyone I’m so sorry it is seen on the invectives new ornament

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@RedRenegade I don’t think it is the string of curses for the sole fact that it’s on the necrochasm and thorn which don’t have those perks

Myelin thinks it’s the mark of the hidden which would make sense because it is on Ikora’s stuff but it’s also on the bad juju mabye Toland was part of the hidden?:thinking:

Also in a grimiore card it classifies Ikora as a “iconoclastic character” iconoclast means wanting to destroy a religion so mabye she’s against the teachings of the speaker and even though she’s not in a good social position for that but maybe she became vanguard to rally people against the Traveler. Just random speculations though

I like your theory but the thorn is the only outlier, in the fact that Mr. Darky mc Yor face is not said to have any connection to Ikora, but we know the literal equivalent of a atom in terms of Yor’s past life before the Thorn and hive.

I believe that Toland WAS one of Ikora’s hidden or at least indirectly. Eris Morn is one of her hidden and Eris knew Toland. May explain the symbols

The necrochasm is just the result of the hive experiment on Guardian weapons from the battle of Burning Lake I think it’s called. It obviously went a lot worse than when we forged our swords.

Invective is just Ikora’s MOST treasured weapon.

Idk, most of the weapons mentioned have very murky backgrounds. It’s hard to say whether its just Bungie being lazy or if it’s all connected via a big, very confusing spider webs

We know quite a bit now. He was Rezyl Azzir, one of the most prominent Guardians of the City. I doubt that he was a member of the Hidden.

I also doubt that Toland was a member of the Hidden. It’s possible, but we have no evidence to suggest that he was.

In common parlance, that’s not really what iconoclastic means. Generally it means someone who is a bit of a rebel, someone who is unhappy with the status quo and wants to see things shaken up.


Iconoclastic seems to be what defines Ikora. Mostly because it seems like she likes changing how people view her and warlocks. She went out into the frontier instead of studying at the tower. Went alone too. She has shaved all her hair off so she doesn’t seem as girly imo. She also was amazing in the crucible according to the lore.

@baxter Myelin Games also said that he thought iconoclastic ment against a religion

“Iconoclastic” pretty much means the disruption of established beliefs, be it religion or otherwise.


Kinda goes with the thing that Fallen try to steal Ikora’s ghost and she “disrupted” their bodies belief in being in one piece :smiley:

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I found this symbol in concept art for the speaker’s room.

Here it zoomed in


My guess is that it is, in fact, related to the Weapons of Sorrow. If so, it would make sense why it’s on Bad Juju, Necrochasm, and Thorn. But why Invective? I have two explanations.

  1. Invective was originally a weapon of sorrow. Notice the symbol is only on the Invective ornament that is a past version. So Ikora found it on her journeys as a Warlock, started using it, and her light made it not be a Weapon of Sorrow.

  2. Whoever made it was trying to recreate a Weapon of Sorrow. Who knows why, maybe they were a follower of Dredgen Yor? So they try and mix Hive sorcery with Golden Age technology but it didn’t work out, then Ikora found it and you know the rest.

Hope this helps

we can’t forget that the Invective can REGENERATE AMMO OVERTIME so there has to be some funky voodoo going on

I personally doubt that Invective was a weapon of sorrow, but there’s no lore on its origin either way, so for now we can’t say for sure.

According to a Bungie emblem preview for The Gauntlet fundraiser, this symbol is called “Tip of the Spear”.