While the Iron is Hot

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Name: While the Iron is Hot
Video URL: "While the Iron is Hot" | Meet with Osiris and Crow | Season of the Chosen - YouTube
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Recorded: 2021.02.09


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** After Zavala’s briefing at the War Table in the H.E.L.M., the Guardian approaches Osiris. The Crow transmats into the H.E.L.M.

Osiris: The new style suits you. Spoils of victory in the Reef.

The Crow: Glint chose the materials. You haven’t let me pay for any of this.

Osiris: If you want to repay me, keep that mask affixed to your face. It will protect you from the City’s ignorance.

The Crow: I know what it’s for. If this is what it takes to make a difference, I’m in.

Osiris: I’ve had to walk these streets under disguise more times than you know. Now I am welcome. Soon you shall be too. Patience and caution.

** Osiris and Crow turn to address the Guardian.

Osiris: Ah, Guardian. Saladin spoke highly of your assault. They think their tank is a show of strength, but it is no Iron Lord.

The Crow: Saladin will hold the line so our attention can be directed elsewhere. Names are needed. Examples. My friends in the Reef have been talking. At this point, Red Legion “commanders” are either brutes or braggarts. Not the type for subtlety. They want Caiatl’s attention.

Osiris: We will use that information to direct our fury. Create a power vacuum and show the Cabal the path they’ve chosen. Dismissed.

** Osiris turns away as the Crow approaches the Guardian.

The Crow: Together in the field. Huh. I’m starting to get the impression you all like having me around.

** The Crow transmats away.