Word of Warning Transcript

Name: Word of Warning
URL: https://youtu.be/Grm8reJzhCs
Recorded: 2019.03.15


++ Annex, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

** The Guardian talks to the Drifter after seeing a vision from the Nine.
// REFERENCE {transcript:Invitation of the Nine - Mystery and Potential (Visit 1)}

The Drifter: Hold up. You SAW that damn card game? Nah, nah, nah. Not good. They’re given’ you visions, too. I’ll say it straight - I got a bad habit of biting off more’n I can chew. But hey. Guy’s gotta eat. And the deal that got me the Haul… it just looked so damn tasty. But damn. They’re reaching out to you. No, ma’am. You keep clear of that little blue psycho. Leave this to me. You see her again, you turn the other way, understand? Trust nothing you hear.


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