Adventure - Bug in the System

Name: Bug in the System
Recorded: 2018.03.03


The Lighthouse, Fields of Glass, Mercury

Ghost Trouble in the Forest. I’m picking up Vex activity and Hive bioenergetics.

Infinite Forest, Fields of Glass, Mercury

Ghost So, the Vex are simulating the Hive to test a new reality path. There’s an opportunity there.
Sagira Go cause trouble. The Vex don’t handle “unexpected input” that well.
Ghost Mess up the tests, give them nothing but garbage output – I like it!
Sagira So this is what it feels like when we’re in total agreement. Weirrrd.

Guardian activates doors to continue through the Forest

Osiris The Hive constantly adapt and evolve, generating new mutations as naturally as we breathe. The Vex know this, and seek to catalog and exploit these mutations in real time.
Sagira So hey, it’d be great if you could smash this simulation before the Vex can learn anything of value.

Far Past, Fields of Glass, Mercury

Ghost Get ready to trash some data! And by trash, I mean “destroy the Hive.”

Guardian disables the security barrier

Ghost Let’s wreck some Hive and go home. This Forest gives me the creeps.

** If Hive get to the barrier**

Ghost Keep the Hive away from the plate, or I’ll lose my connection to the data.
Ghost Too many Hive! They’re breaking my link to the Vex data stream.
Ghost Security barrier’s back up. Let’s rip into another Cyclops and get a new Arc charge.

Barrier is reactivated

Ghost That’s the first wave down, but I can sense the simulation rebooting. The more we kill, the more data we corrupt.
Ghost Looks like they want to go another round. Knock ‘em dead.
Ghost Oryx wouldn’t need the Ascendant Realm if he had the Forest.
Osiris I’ve run that simulation. Oryx always needs an Ascendant Realm.
Sagira You two do know Oryx is dead, right?

Herald of Savathûn, Proxy appears

Herald of Savathûn, Proxy is defeated

Sagira All done in there? Good. Vex misfortune is one of my favorite things.
Sagira of course, with all the bad data you’re feeding them, there could be side effects in other simulations. Like… the one you’re in. Time to go!

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I’ve been informed by HipNuts that all of the CoO adventures have multiple dialogue variations, eg this is the transcript for The Up and Up. Could you please redo this transcript with the alternative dialogue, similar to what was done for The Up and Up? Please also edit your video so it only has footage of the dialogue. If it’s too much trouble getting all the dialogue variations just let me know and I’ll see if I can get someone else to do it. Thank you!

There is an alternate path for this adventure in which you travel to the distant future instead. I have videos if you would like to transcribe.

Have you got clips of the dialogue from each section in the adventure? We don’t have a transcript on Ishtar for this adventure yet so we’d need footage of all the dialogue from at least one run of this adventure. There’s alternative dialogue for this adventure so if we could footage of at least some of the dialogue variations as well that would be even better. If you do have footage of all the dialogue from at least one run and you’d like to do a transcript of this adventure, there’s a transcript guide here. The clips would need to be put together into one video and any footage of fighting etc where there isn’t any dialogue would need to be cut out. If you’d like to see what a transcript with dialogue variations would look like, here’s the one for the CoO adventure The Runner.