Adventure- Dark Alliance

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Name: Adventure: Dark Alliance
Recorded: 2017.10.28


Cayde-6: Yello, Cayde speaking. Oh, hang on, someone left a note here. “EDZ forest. Taken energy, question mark. Red Legion… Brian.” … Who’s Brian?
Ikora: Red Legion Psions. Guardian, we’ve heard disturbing reports from your area. They tell of Cabal with new powers.
Ghost: That sounds ominous. We’ll keep an eye out for any… unusual psionic energy nearby.

**The Guardian kills a specially shielded Centurion by killing the Psions to remove the impenetrable shield.
Ghost: Red Legion Psions are bad enough. But if they really have Taken powers?
Cayde-6: Since when did Cabal and Taken start sharing toys, anyway?
Ikora: We can figure out the connection later. For now, we must uncover the source of this energy.

**The Guardian kills another specially shielded Centurion by killing the Psions to remove the impenetrable shield.
Ghost: No good. Taken energy readings are increasing. I bet it’s spreading to Psions all over the area.
Ikora: If that’s true, it could bring a plague of shadow beyond our imagining.
Cayde-6: Ikora, you’re freaking them out.

**The Guardian kills a third specially shielded Centurion by killing the Psions to remove the impenetrable shield.
Ghost: Got it! I’ve pulled location data from that Centurion. But we have to go… into the forest.
Cayde-6: You sure about that buddy? Don’t wanna get, you know, eaten by a creepy Taken shadow tree.
Ikora: Cayde, what exactly happened to you on Nessus?

**The Guardian heads into the Dark Forest
Cayde-6: They get eaten yet?
Ikora: No, they did not “get eaten yet”. But use caution. We don’t know what’s waiting in that forest.
Cayde-6: My glimmer’s on something big and Taken.
Ikora: That may be the safest bet you’ve made in years.

++The Dark Forest, EDZ
Ghost: That portal connects to the forest. The Psions found a way to force it open!
Cayde-6: Well, it was nice knowing you.
Ikora: Cayde.

**The Guardian goes through the portal and finds more Psions and Centurions
Ghost: Did you see that? He got stunned when we took out his Psion.
Ikora: Severing their bond must cause a backlash to the host. Interesting.
Cayde-6: Am I the only one who has no idea what any of you are talking about?
Ikora: Yes.

**The Guardian passes through another Taken portal looking for the Psionic source.
Ghost: Okay, there are a lot more Cabal than I was expecting.
Cayde-6: They may not like you trespassing in their secret magic fort.

**The Guardian discovers Prusk, The Unequaled Maul
Ghost: Big Taken. Taken Cabal! Big… Taken Cabal!
Ikora: A Colossus. Of course. You must destroy it.
Ghost: Working on it.

**The Guardian focuses fire on the Corrupted Bonded Psions to bring down Prusk’s shield to kill him.
Ghost: Whew! We did it. They’re all gone.
Cayde-6: That’ll set the Legion back a ways. Serve’s 'em right for messing with things they don’t understand.
Ikora: Which is your area of expertise. As for you Guardian; well done. If that brute had gotten loose with the Psions, there may have been no stopping it.
Cayde-6: And then I couldn’t have collected on that bet! Big and Taken. Told you.

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