Adventure- Deathless

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Name: Adventure: Deathless
Recorded: 2017.10.27


++ The Rig, Titan
Sloane: Good, it’s you. I’m getting reports from Holliday’s crews about a Knight with a strange aura around it. It’s playing merry hell with our schedule.
Holliday: My crews know how to get’er done, Sloane. Regular maintenance is the difference between a Sparrow that races and a Sparrow that rusts.
Sloane: Sure. But this rig isn’t winning any races. That Knight is in my way. Take it out.

++Solarium, Titan
**The Guardian finds Takul-Dar, the Unbreakable Hive Knight being protected by a Necromantis Wizard.
Ghost: We took out the Knight. But, I’m not sure its dead. Some kind of magic allowed it to escape.
Sloane: New Hive spells. Just what we need. Get after it you two.

**The Guardian finds Takul-Dar, the Unbreakable Hive Knight again, protected by another Necromantis Wizard.
Ghost: This is just irritating. Now I know how the Cabal feel about us.
Sloane: I’m not in the mood for this. Keep after him. Their spell can’t keep that thing safe forever.

**The Guardian kills Takul-Dar, the Unbreakable, but he escapes again.
Ghost: Ugh. What do we have to do to kill this thing?

**The Guardian chases after the Knight deeper into the Arcology
Sloane: I’ve been fighting Hive for — well — longer than I want to admit. This is some kind of ritual.
Holliday: They’re losing on purpose? Like — what — throwing a hand of poker?
Sloane: Maybe. What’s their goal, though? Why let this thing die over and over again?

++Festering Halls, Titan
**The Guardian finds the knight again, this time protected by two Necromantis Wizards.
Ghost: Alright, that’s three. Sloane, you want us to keep going?
Sloane: If this is a ritual, then all of this is leading somewhere. I want the two of you there at the end, whatever that looks like.

**The Guardian fights their way through more Hive infested tunnels. Ghost has to unlock some Hive runes.
Ghost: Alright. One more time.

**The Guardian kills two more Necromantis Wizards, stripping Takul-Dar, the Unbreakable of its shield, and then killing him.
Ghost: You were right, Sloane. Apply enough firepower and apparently even Hive magic breaks.
Sloane: Good work, both of you. You know, Holliday and I were just talking about how different we are from the Hive.
Holliday: Yeah, yeah. They worship death, we serve the Light. Good vs. evil, black hats, white hats… really makes you think.
Ghost: Thinking about switching sides, Amanda?
Sloane: Oh, no. Amanda goes rogue and we’ll have Thrall buzzing the control center inside a week. Ahem. But, uh, let’s get back to work.

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