Adventure - Deep Conversation

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Name: Adventure: Deep Conversation
Recorded: 2017.10.27


++Artifact’s Edge
Failsafe: Captain. I have identified multiple data-rich caches to plunder. I have created an unauthorised login for the friendly Ghost - the Vex will believe he is one of them. Ideally, they will share their secrets.
Ghost: That’s… actually very helpful of you. Let’s see what we can learn.

**Ghost scans one of three floating caches.
Ghost: The platforms are charged. Is this a deterrent or an experiment? I can never tell.

**Ghost scans the second and third caches.
Ghost: Failsafe, this login is perfect. I’m pulling all kinds of data on Cabal fleet movements. Zavala will love this.
Failsafe: Happy to oblige, friendly ghost. Marking additional caches.

**The Guardian makes their way over to another set of caches suspended slightly higher and scans the first one.
Ghost: I think they’re onto us.
Failsafe: They believe you are one of them. What did you ask?
Ghost: Nothing! I asked them what they’re doing on this planet. Did I offend them?

**The Guardian kills Vex to gather Collective Data
Ghost: These data cores the Vex are dropping - they contain answers to my questions.
Failsafe: Perhaps they are trying to interface with the friendly Ghost, and you, Captain, are in their way.
Ghost: I’m so sorry. I’ll fix this!

**The Guardian scans the next cache.
Ghost: I can’t get them to stop! They want to tell me about the Virgo Prohibition and how its algorithms are wrongly deployed for the Mars environment! How is that even relevant?
Failsafe: They say you lack a holistic perspective. According to the network, they are sending you help.
Ghost: I don’t want their help!

**The Guardian collects more Collective Data
Ghost: Now I know why Asher’s Ghost never talks about her encounter with the Vex. They keep telling me to “come home”… Anyway, this data is too valuable to pass up. There’s one more access point at the top.

**The Guardian climbs to the top of the cache platforms and scans the last cache
Failsafe: Friendly Ghost! Bad news. The Collective is dispatching a Vex mind to help you terminate the Captain!
Ghost: Tell them to stop! I’m so sorry.
Failsafe: I have no way to do that. But the Vex seem to like you very much!

**The Guardian defeats a Network Mind
[Vex Data Transmissions]
Ghost: That Mind said one last thing as it died. It’s afraid. Afraid of your Light - the one thing in this galaxy it can’t simulate. Probably old news to Ikora, bit I’ll ping it to the Vanguard.
Failsafe: Your query has terminated, Ghost. The Vex Collective hopes it has answered all of your questions. A user within the Network named “Osiris” sends his regards.
Ghost: Oh, Ikora definitely needs to know about that.

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