Adventure - Invitation from the Emperor

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Name: Adventure: Invitation from the Emperor
Recorded: 2017.10.27


++The Cistern, Nessus

Cayde-6: Hey you two. My scouts picked up a weird Cabal signal coming from a ship that’s definitely not Red Legion. Some new guy giving orders. He’s got the Red Legion running around like errand boys on Nessus. Last time the Cabal had a management shakeup, they burned down our house. Let’s see what they’re up too. Bring guns.
Ghost: Well, we always have at least three.

++ Well of Flame, Nessus

**The Guardian defeats the Cabal and downloads the data from the first Cabal console.
Ghost: The Legion is pulling schematics of Nessus itself from the Confluxes! Atmospheric, geologic and tectonic… they want it all. I’m not sure why.

**The Guardian downloads the data from the second Cabal console.
Ghost: Okay, this might explain it. Let’s see… the Legion is helping their unnamed leader identify mineral-rich deposits on Nessus for… consumption. Well, that can’t be right.

**The Guardian downloads the data from the third Cabal console.
Ghost: Okay, I’m going to read this and you pretend like I understand. The Cabal want to grind Nessus into “glorious dust, fit for royalty.” It’s more environmental data. Just some logistical planning so they can prime their ship to… “eat the planet.” This new Cabal leader might have a few screws lose.

++ The Cistern

** The Guardian heads for the landing site.
Ghost: Transmitting now. Cayde! I’m picking up a planet-wide broadcast. “Red Legion 7th Company has failed to secure Vex data. Their invitation to join the Loyalist regime is hereby rescinded.” There’s more. “The rest of you still have a chance to prove yourself. I offer you a life of… opulence?”
Cayde-6: Opulence? Oh, I could go for some opulence right now.

**The Guardian reaches the landing site and defeats the Cabal, then heads towards the Vex confluxes.
Ghost: Great work! Both Confluxes linked! Just keep them away while I… read this recipe for converting Nessus soil into a purified “Royal Wine”. What are the Cabal doing?

**Ghost pulls all the data out of the confluxes.
Cayde-6: They’re gonna be so mad. I love it!
Ghost: Serves them right! Let’s get this to the Vanguard before I have to defrag. The Legion wanted every byte of data the Vex have on Nessus.

**The Guardian reaches the beacon. Ghost sends the data.
Ghost: “All I ask is you return to my loving embrace.” Ew. “Emperor Calus has spoken.”
Cayde-6: Woah. Wait. Emperor? As in Cabal Emperor? OK, opulence later. Ikora now. Ikora! Uh, great job today, guys.
Ghost: Boy, he left in a hurry. I wonder what all that was about?

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