Adventure: The Runner

Name: The Runner
Recorded: 04.01.2018
++The Lighthouse, Mercury
**Guardian begins the adventure
Osiris: Guardian, I’ve detected a single Cabal within a simulation, carrying encrypted data between two points.
Osiris: The scientist in me would say the Vex are running a test- a continual loop to establish a benchmark dataset. To what end, I am not sure.
Ghost: Sounds like we’d better find out what they’re after.
**Guardian enters the Infinite Forest
Sagira: The Vex are focusing a lot of processing power on this particular simulation. This is a big deal for them.
Ghost: if you can tell that, can’t you terminate it from your end.
Sagira: Ever try to remotely control a machine on a perpetual feedback loop? YOU’RE the off switch. Go close it down.
**Guardian traverses the Infinite Forest
Ghost: With everything they could be doing in the Forest, why would the Vex choose to focus so much effort on a solitary Cabal in a single simulation?
Osiris: It will depend on how important that one Cabal is. What it carries may be critical to their ultimate plans.
**Guardian enters the Cabal simulation.
++Simulant Present, Mercury
**Guardian engages the Runner
Ghost: He’s making a break for it. Let’s drop it.
**Guardian drops him
Ghost: Ok, let’s see what inside. Oh. This is code for what looks like a phage. Part technology, part biology. Just like the Vex.
**Guardian retrieves the chest
**Adventure ends

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I’ve been informed by HipNuts that all of the CoO adventures have multiple dialogue variations, eg this is the transcript for The Up and Up. Could you please redo this transcript with the alternative dialogue, similar to what was done for The Up and Up? Please also edit your video so it only has footage of the dialogue. If it’s too much trouble getting all the dialogue variations just let me know and I’ll see if I can get someone else to do it. Thank you!