Adventure: The Runner


Name: The Runner
Recorded: 04.01.2018
++The Lighthouse, Mercury
**Guardian begins the adventure
Osiris: Guardian, I’ve detected a single Cabal within a simulation, carrying encrypted data between two points.
Osiris: The scientist in me would say the Vex are running a test- a continual loop to establish a benchmark dataset. To what end, I am not sure.
Ghost: Sounds like we’d better find out what they’re after.
**Guardian enters the Infinite Forest
Sagira: The Vex are focusing a lot of processing power on this particular simulation. This is a big deal for them.
Ghost: if you can tell that, can’t you terminate it from your end.
Sagira: Ever try to remotely control a machine on a perpetual feedback loop? YOU’RE the off switch. Go close it down.
**Guardian traverses the Infinite Forest
Ghost: With everything they could be doing in the Forest, why would the Vex choose to focus so much effort on a solitary Cabal in a single simulation?
Osiris: It will depend on how important that one Cabal is. What it carries may be critical to their ultimate plans.
**Guardian enters the Cabal simulation.
++Simulant Present, Mercury
**Guardian engages the Runner
Ghost: He’s making a break for it. Let’s drop it.
**Guardian drops him
Ghost: Ok, let’s see what inside. Oh. This is code for what looks like a phage. Part technology, part biology. Just like the Vex.
**Guardian retrieves the chest
**Adventure ends

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