Combustion Transcript

This includes the short mission before Combustion. When we first land in the EDZ.

Name: Combustion
Recorded: 2017.09.19


Hawthorne: Don’t get cocky now that you’ve got your powers back. The EDZ is rough, especially around the old town. Just remember: refugees from the City have it a lot rougher. You want to help them, find Devrim Kay.

++ Trostland, European Dead Zone
** The Guardian meets Devrim Kay.
Devrim Kay: A guest. And here I have no tea to serve. These are dire times indeed. Devrim Kay – the Eighth – at your service. City militia, back when there was a City. Now I serve at the pleasure of my dear friend Suraya Hawthorne. Heh.
Devrim Kay: First on the docket: contact other refugees and tell them of the Farm. That means building a comm network from the ground up. And even though I happen to be a damn good shot, the Fallen are giving me a devil of a time. I dare say, you can handle a few rounds with the enemy. I’ve seen what Guardians can do. Right. I think it’s time to let the guns do the talking now, don’t you?

** The Guardian starts the adventure A New Frontier.
Devrim Kay: Let’s get started. There’s a banner on the main floor. Give it a look, will you?

** Ghost scans the Fallen banner.
Ghost: This is a House of Judgement sigil. We used to work with a Fallen who flew this banner.
Devrim Kay: Curious. Well, the Fallen seem to have put this up as a bit of a threat. I imagine you’ll find lots of objects like this out there with a bit of a story to them.
Devrim Kay: We both need some supplies to get going out here. See if you find a cache in one of the buildings nearby.

** The Guardian finds the cache.
Devrim Kay: Very well done. To survive we’ll have to look for every opportunity. Keep your eyes peeled for more supplies in the wilds. Speaking of the wilds, there’s a symbol on the wall of the church. Take a look.

** The Guardian heads back to the church and finds the symbol. Ghost scans the symbol.
Ghost: Devrim, where did this symbol come from?
Devrim Kay: I believe your City Hunters must have put them here and there about the region as they scouted around. I think they meant it to mark something special. Or dangerous.
Ghost: Or both. Let’s go check it out.

** The Guardian heads into the tunnels leading towards the Lost Sector.
Devrim Kay: The history of this region is fascinating. I believe tunnels and caves like the one you’re in now stretch all across the EDZ. Who knows what’s lurking down there. Be careful.

++ Atrium, European Dead Zone
** The Guardian defeats Skexis, Outcast Captain.
Ghost: I just snagged a keycode from that Captain. I think I can open his supply cache.

** The Guardian opens the supply cache.
Devrim Kay: Good work down there, you two. Keep an eye out for other hidey holes and treasures like this one! But that’s for another day. In the meantime, let’s say we get down to business? Come back up to the church tower. I’m putting a kettle on now.

++ Trostland, European Dead Zone
Devrim Kay: Welcome back. This time I did make tea for you — but I seem to have drunk it all. Perhaps if you were a mite quicker. Heh. Right. The beacon. While you were tussling with the Fallen, we’ve encountered a bit of a setback. Hawthorne has placed the last relay on the mountain above the salt mines. But even from that height, the signal still doesn’t have the range we expected. It’s a bit curious… Regardless, this signal booster should solve our problem, it we can get it to her. Heh. Dead Zone indeed.

++ Salt Mines, European Dead Zone
Hawthorne: Hey, Dev. I’m still sitting up here above the mines with this busted comm relay. Where’s that signal booster?
Devrim Kay: Our new Guardian friend is en route. I’m getting too old to clean up after you, Suraya.
Hawthorne: Finally! He admits he’s old. Hahaha! Bail me out on one assault charge and you never let me live it down.
Devrim Kay: Aww, don’t you mean one a week? You’re the reason my hair is gray.
Hawthorne: Yeah, yeah. Keep talking, old man.

** The Guardian heads into the mines and defeats the hostile Fallen.
Ghost: That elevator should take us to the top of the mines.

** The Guardian activates the Elevator. The elevator comes down but crashes to the ground.
Ghost: We’ll have to find another way up to Hawthorne.

** Ghost opens the gate leading further into the mines.
Devrim Kay: Careful. The Fallen are scavengers of the highest order. They’re going to put up a fight for whatever they can get their grubby claws on.

** The Guardian continues further into the mines and defeats the Fallen.
Devrim: Ah! You’ll be pleased to know that I can see the Fallen fleeing the mine. Seems you’ve really kicked the hornet’s nest, haven’t you.

** The Guardian enters a large area within the mines.
Ghost: We found an elevator.
Hawthorne: You’re good. Almost as good as Louis!

** The Guardian tries to call the elevator.
Ghost: Elevator’s not working. Power must be out. And we’ve upset the Fallen.

** The Guardian defeats Kiriks-16 and the other Fallen.
Ghost: That did it. Killing the Servitor brought the power back on.
Hawthorne: Good job! Maybe I’ll finally get my booster one of these days.

** The Guardian calls the elevator and heads up in it to an area outside the mines.
Ghost: Hawthorne, we’re out of the mine and heading your way.
Hawthorne: Then hurry up with that booster. Let’s finish hooking up the comm network. And, uh, thanks for the help. You’re not so bad… for a fancy-pants Guardian.
Devrim Kay: Now that’s the nicest thing I’ve ever heard Suraya say. You’re in rarified air, my friend.

** The Guardian meets up with Hawthorne.
Hawthorne: You made it!

** The Guardian gives Hawthorne the booster.
Hawthorne: Looks like Louis owes me money! All right, let’s see if this works. Now if I read the manual right… There’s an incoming beacon…
Zavala: Guardians… the City is lost… if there is any Light left in the system… we rally on Titan. Be brave.
Ghost: Zavala’s alive?! If we leave now, we can -
Hawthorne: You are not going to Titan! We’ve got refugees coming in, the Red Legion on one side, the Fallen on the other -
Ghost: But we have our powers back! And if we’re going to retake the City -
Hawthorne: Your City is GONE!
Ghost: Hawthorne. We will be back. And we won’t be alone.
Hawthorne: You’ll know where to find me.

++ The Immortal
Speaker: It would save us both a lot of time if you would just kill me.
Ghaul: For one who calls himself “Speaker”… you have remarkably little to say. We’ve learned that one of your Guardians has reconnected to the Light. You say you have no power over the Traveler, yet… this. Help me understand, Speaker.
Speaker: The Light lives in all places… in all things. You can block it… even try to trap it. But the Light will find its way. And the Traveler will protect itself.
Ghaul: The Traveler… For years, I have studied it… the worlds it has touched… its power over life and death. We are not so different… your Traveler and I.
Speaker: You are nothing like the Traveler. NOTHING. You think you have power. Control. I know your kind. You started small… you will end small.
Ghaul: If the Traveler truly has chosen humanity of its own free will… then there is no reason I should not reach inside… tear out the Light for myself, and leave this system in ashes!
Speaker: Only those the Traveler chooses will be reborn in the Light.
Ghaul: Yes. This I know. This is why I have claimed your planet, and why you still live. The Traveler WILL choose me, Speaker. And you are going to tell me how.

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Can you edit out the combat and idle travel/menu time out of your video? We only need the parts with dialogue. Thank you so much for the transcription!

@VulshokBersrker I noticed that there’s already a transcript on Ishtar for the first part of this transcript, the adventure A New Frontier. We don’t need two transcripts of this adventure on Ishtar. Could you please remove the section with the adventure from your video and have it start from the part where Devrim says, “Welcome back”? Thank you!