Lake of Shadows Strike

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++ Trostland, European Dead Zone

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Zavala: Hawthorne’s scouts tracked a group of Fallen to a hydroelectric plant nearby. A plant that was already infested with Taken.
Devrim Kay: These Taken are surprisingly well-coordinated. We couldn’t get close. Forget the Fallen. The Taken may have a new leader. They’ve learned defensive tactics and territory control almost overnight.
Ghost: We’ll see what we can do.

++ Maevic Square, European Dead Zone

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Devrim Kay: One of my people reported Taken energy infecting the water supply. Our purification tech can only do so much. If the contamination spreads, people will die. @DrJazzyBebop

** The Guardian defeats Grask, The Consumed.

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Ghost: Zavala, the Taken leader is down for the count. Surprise of the day: he was Red Legion.
Zavala: Impossible… Oryx is long dead. There’s no one left to take.
Ikora was telling me about a Hive tome called the Book of Sorrows. That Oryx has sisters.
Zavala: You both dealt with the Taken on Io. I’ll consult her about this. In the meantime, excellent work. All of you.