Strike Transcripts: Updates and other Contributor's Sources

Prioritized Transcripts (Content Vaulting for Season 12)

Hi all. I put this together in an effort to identify what sources for Strikes have been found/posted on Commons. On the off chance they are removed from Strike playlists during Season 12, now is a good time to source any Strikes going away with Patrol Zones since we can access individual strikes directly.

Io, Titan, Mercury, and Mars’ patrol zones will be vaulted in Season 12.

I went through what I could find on Commons and tagged people who sourced lines for Strikes. If anyone has any sources for any of these Strikes or would like to help with transcribing them, you should be able to include your additions in the Strike’s collaborative transcript. See the links.

"Approved" = Available on Ishtar Collective, but does include alternative dialogue.


Savathun’s Song - Transcript

Sourcers from: @DrJazzyBebop @Sekuiya


The Pyramidion

Sources from: @pirate_dani @Sekuiya @DrJazzyBebop

The Festering Core - Transcript (Approved)

Note: Might want to check and see if there are any more alternative lines.


Tree of Probabilities - Transcript

Note: I have a backup source I will be uploading soon if needed.

Sources from: @DrJazzyBebop @pirate_dani

A Garden World - Transcript (Approved)

Note: @DrJazzyBebop has added alternative dialogue for this Strike.


Will of the Thousands - Transcript (Approved)

Note: @DrJazzyBebop has added alternative dialogue to this Strike.

Strange Terrain - Transcript (Approved)

Note: @DrJazzyBebop has added alternative dialogue for this strike.

Other Transcripts to Update (Not Prioritized for Content Vaulting)

These transcripts don’t need to be updated immediately since they aren’t getting affected by content vaulting, but some have alternative dialogue that should be updated and some haven’t been approved at all.

European Dead Zone

The Arms Dealer - Transcript

Sources from: @pirate_dani @DrJazzyBebop @Sekuiya


Exodus Crash - Transcript

Sources from: @pirate_dani @DrJazzyBebop

The Inverted Spire - Transcript

Note: @DrJazzyBebop @Volts42 have added alternative dialogue for this Strike.

The Insight Terminus - Transcript

Sources from: @Eruke

Note: Seems like this was started awhile back but didn’t go anywhere. Also, @DrJazzyBebop has some sources too, but I have those covered in my source.

Tangled Shore

Warden of Nothing - Transcript

Note: @Giellman-10 has added alternative dialogue for this Strike.

The Hollowed Lair - Transcript

Sources from: @Giellman-10 @Volts42 @DrJazzyBebop

The Broodhold - Transcript

Sources from: @Eruke

Transcripts to Research / Source

Lake of Shadows (EDZ)

The Corrupted (DC)

  • (Jazzy has some sources, but I’m not sure if there are more - I have some from the pass week of Ordeals I can look through and put together soon)

The Scarlet Keep (Moon)

  • N/A
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I had a look through Ishtar Collective and there are approved versions for both the Inverted Spire and the story version of Tree of Probabilities. Could you update this?

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They are, but there’s more dialogue to collect/dialogue that’s been collected but not compiled yet, which is why I mentioned them. I forgot Nessus is staying (Leviathan is being vaulted in Season 12), so it’s not as much a priority, but Mercury is. I think Tree of Probabilities transcript should be updated keeping the current story dialogue from CoO as normal and add-in the alternative Strike Dialogue as // OPTIONAL.

Mostly just wanted to highlight which content will be going away within Strikes that are easily farm-able now.

@Eruke New dialogue has been added for the Festering Core strike.