Strange Terrain Strike

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++ Glacial Drift, Mars

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Zavala: The Hive is back, Guardian. A small army is amassing deep below the surface of the Martian ice cap. Their leader, Nokris, is a dangerous heretic who needs to be stopped at all costs. @DrJazzyBebop
Zavala: We’ve got a problem. Nokris, a dangerous Hive heretic, is up to no good. Nokris has amassed a large force of Hive soldiers and is corrupting the Martian core. Stop him before he completes his ritual. @DrJazzyBebop
Zavala: The Vanguard has detected a spike in Hive energy coming from deep below the surface of Mars. Nokris, a dangerous Hive heretic, is leading some kind of operation to corrupt the planet’s core. Take him out, Guardian. We can’t risk losing Mars to the Hive. @DrJazzyBebop

** The Guardian reaches an area with a glowing crystal.

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Ghost: These crystals are pure, crystallized soulfire! They must be the source of the energy spike! @DrJazzyBebop
Ghost: Ana, are you seeing these readings? They’re coming from those crystals!
Ana Bray: It’s some kind of solidified soulfire. You need to get rid of those things, fast.

** The Guardian kills the Ugul Gar Knight. A relic appears. The Guardian throws the relic at the Hive crystal, opening up the pathway.

Dialogue Author File location
Ana Bray: The Hive’s corruption is changing the physical properties of the surrounding rock. Rapid organic growth is occurring. It’s a spawning ground! @DrJazzyBebop
Ghost: Look at this place. It’s disgusting.
Ana Bray: That’s Hive corruption. We can’t risk any more of it, so get moving!
Ana Bray: They want to turn all of Mars into a spawning ground! We’ve got to stop Nokris! @DrJazzyBebop

** The Guardian continues further into the caverns.

Dialogue Author File location
Ana Bray: I’ve been reading more about Nokris. He’s a necromancer, something extremely rare for the Hive. He can actually reanimate dead Hive. You’re going to have to take them all out. Permanently! @DrJazzyBebop
Ghost: Ana, do you have any intel on Nokris?
Ana Bray: He’s Oryx’s other son, but was excommunicated.
Ghost: Nokris… that name sounds familiar.
Ana Bray: He’s one of Oryx’s sons. Nokris was weak in strength, but had a brilliant mind. He abandoned Oryx, and sought forbidden power.
Ana Bray: I’ve translated what Hive apocrypha I can. This Nokris is even worse that we thought. We’re talking necromancy, endless cycles of suffering and death, all in the service of a giant worm god. @DrJazzyBebop

** Nokris, Herald of Xol, appears.

Dialogue Author File location
Ghost: We stop him now, and save Mars! @DrJazzyBebop
Ghost: We’re ready for this, Guardian. We can stop Nokris! @DrJazzyBebop
Ghost: Looks like that’s our target! Nokris! Careful, Guardian, he’s pulsing with soulfire! @DrJazzyBebop

** The Guardian defeats Nokris, Herald of Xol.

Dialogue Author File location
Zavala: Well done, Guardian! Mars will live to see another day! @DrJazzyBebop
Zavala: Energy readings have returned to normal. I knew you could do it, Guardian.
Ghost: Thank you, Commander. We’re always here to help.