The Inverted Spire Strike

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++ The Cistern, Nessus

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Failsafe: A friendly warning: I am detecting seismic events all along the planet’s crust. I believe the Red Legion is to blame.
Failsafe Second Half: Hey, who wants to bet the Vex will tear us all apart trying to fix it?
Zavala: Agreed. Be careful, Guardian. There’s no one out there to back you up.
Zavala: The Red Legion has compromised this planet’s crust. My scouts report multiple seismic events across the surface.
Failsafe: Analysing radio chatter. Commander, I believe the Legion is responsible. Perhaps they are conducting some sort of research?
Ghost: Huh. Even their scientists are bullies.
Zavala: Cayde’s scouts have made a distressing report.
Ghost: According to the data, it’s a Red Legion research team. Research? All I can picture is bigger explosions!
Zavala: We cannot allow them any advantage. This war has gone on too long.
Zavala: Welcome to Nessus. This planet is crawling with Vex. The Red Legion have sent in crews, and we need to know why. Failsafe, are you online?
Failsafe: Commander, your favourite AI is primed and ready. I have prepared back doors into several key Vex systems. We have detected a series of seismic disruptions. The Cabal may be responsible.
Zavala: We need to know what we’re dealing with. Yours are the boots on the ground, Guardian. Good luck.

** Ghost scans the conflux.

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Ghost: On your right: a waterfall of Vex… milk. Yes, Vex milk. @DrJazzyBebop
Ghost: Oh, look! Look! It’s a Vex milk waterfall, can we stop and - aww. @DrJazzyBebop

++ The Anchor, Nessus

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Ghost: Hey, Failsafe! You’re all cozy in your data core. Any advice on an energy shield?
Failsafe: I believe the nearby Vex constructs maintain that barrier.
Ghost: Well, I could’ve - OK, we’ll shoot them.
Ghost: Oh, a barrier. This planet loves barriers. Zavala, I think they’re trying to contain the Red Legion.
Zavala: They have bigger problems. Namely you, Guardian.

++ Excavation Site VII, Nessus

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Ghost: What could the Red Legion possibly be drilling for?
Failsafe: According to radio chatter, they want to build more guns.
Failsafe Second Half: Who could have guessed?
Ghost: Look at those drills. Even the Vex can’t stop a Cabal invasion.
Zavala: Survival is a temporary condition. For all of us.
Failsafe: Friendly query: what have you done to attract such hostile species to my planet?
Zavala: Rest easy, Failsafe. The Guardian has this.
Ghost: Zavala: giant drills. Apparently, Cabal research equals giant drills. ZAVALA!
Zavala: Preparation wins any fight, Ghost. Should they deploy the drills on Earth, we’ll need your expertise.

** The Guardian finds Vex and Cabal fighting near the drill site.

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Ghost: And of course the drills have armed crews.
Failsafe: Friendly suggestion: Drop them first, Cap.
Ghost: Zavala! Looks like the drills are manned by a full battalion of Cabal!
Zavala: A full battalion? What is that to you, who have slain gods in the heart of the Black Garden?
Ghost: And of course the drills have armed crews.
Failsafe: If it’s helpful, I suggest you deal with the drills when the shooting stops.
Ghost: The shooting never stops…

** The Guardian defeats the two Cabal drill officers.

Dialogue Author File location
Ghost: You know, Cayde got stuck stealing from the Vex. Why didn’t that happen to the Red Legion?
Failsafe: Calculating Red Legion similarity to the Cayde-6: .0001%.
Failsafe Second Half: Plus, you know, Cayde’s dumb.
Ghost: You’re both depressing and unhelpful.
Failsafe: Just so you know: I have detected a massive Vex energy signature.
Ghost: And the only way to reach it is down past those giant, pointy drill bits? Good!

** Ghost scans the terminal.

Dialogue Author File location
Ghost: Do the Vex want this drill? If I were them I’d want it gone. @DrJazzyBebop
Ghost: Hey, wait! We’re not Cabal! @DrJazzyBebop
Ghost: I think they want their drill back! @DrJazzyBebop

** The Guardian defeats all the attackers (Vex or Cabal). The transit system is reoriented.

Dialogue Author File location
Ghost: I think it’s lined up. Right? @DrJazzyBebop
Ghost: Let’s hope this thing launches in the right direction! Or it’s going to be a short trip. @DrJazzyBebop

** Protheon changes to solar with an arc weapon.

Dialogue Author File location
Ghost: It’s switching guns! @DrJazzyBebop

** The Guardian defeats Protheon, Modular Mind.

Dialogue Author File location
Ghost: That did it! Modular Mind is down!
Failsafe Second Half: So… Cabal scientists can take a punch, but they’re not very smart. I guess they cracked open the planet and that Mind came crawling out?
Ghost: Golden Age computer core and that’s all she came up with? I could’ve said that.
Failsafe: If you’d like my insight, I’ve filed an after-action report complete with four hundred and thirty-three tactical notes. I win.
Ghost: Zavala. Modular Mind neutralized.
Zavala: Vex weapons would have been a nightmare in Red Legion’s hands. You won us an entire theater of this war. I would say you deserve a rest, but we need you elsewhere. Something tells me that suits you just fine.
Ghost: Zavala. Modular Mind neutralized. Hey, hey Failsafe.
Failsafe: Yes, friendly Ghost?
Ghost: We did it. We did a great job. Admit it.
Failsafe Second Half: Technically, the captain did. You live in her backpack.
Ghost: Ugh! Switch off.
Zavala: Well done. Failsafe, what’s your assessment of this incident?
Failsafe: Vex records indicate the Cabal discovered the Mind, and dug into this world to capture it. Had the Red Legion achieved their goal, I estimate a 60% chance this planetoid would have been destroyed in the ensuing battles. Luckily, the captain stepped in.

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