The Arms Dealer Strike

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++ Legions Anchor, European Dead Zone

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Zavala: Fireteam; an urgent matter requires my attention. Hawthorne has volunteered to handle your strike on this end. Cayde-6: wait, are they going after the weapons guy? You said I could do that one! Zavala: I lied. Good luck Fireteam. Ghost: What are those Cabal doing out there? We need to get past this security door. @pirate_dani
Zavala: The target is Bracus Zhan. Weapons dealer to the Red Legion. Can I help you, Cayde? Cayde-6: Ikora said she needed you! Don’t worry. I got this one. Hawthorne: I’ll keep an eye on it, no problem. Zavala: Be brave fireteam. @pirate_Dani
Zavala: Time for me to step out. Cayde, I leave it to you.
Cayde-6: OK, fireteam: there’s a lot to cover as your official operative in the strike against Bracus Zahn, so we’d better get started. Item the first–
Hawthorne: Strike’s been started for a while.
Cayde-6: …Huh.
Zavala: Into the action right away. I’m not surprised. Cayde, you’re up.
Cayde: Whoa, wait wait wait, I’m not ready! I had a whole thing for this Zahn guy - I had charts and pictures - you know what, the one time I get it all - geez, forget it. You know what, just forget it.
Zavala: Bracus Zahn’s days of supplying weapons to the Red Legion will soon be over. Fireteam, I’m leaving Operation Forge in the hands of Suraya Hawthorne. Also, Cayde will be there… Good luck. @DrJazzyBebop
Ghost: Usually for an operation like this, Zavala provides logistical support. But it sounds like it’s just us this time around.
Cayde-6: Hawthorne, where’d you put my datapad? It had the notes about that thing I’m in charge of.
Hawthorne: You mean the Bracus Zahn strike that’s already running? Off to a great start, Mr. Vanguard.

** The Guardian eliminates the Cabal/Fallen.

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Ghost: What are those Cabal doing out there? We need to get past this security door. @Sekuiya
Ghost: All the paths to the rest of the base are shut tight. But get me to a console, and I’ll take care of that. @Sekuiya
Ghost: We need to get further into the base. If I can access their network… @Sekuiya
Ghost: No more enemies in here. There are plenty outside, though. Get me to a console, and we’ll get out there. @pirate_dani link pending

** The Guardian sends the Ghost to hack a console. While attempting to open the security door, the Ghost triggers a failsafe.

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Ghost: Uh… turns out Zahn’s network is different from the Red Legion’s. Cayde-6: Good different or bad different? Hawthorne: Did I just see a FLARE shoot into the sky? Ghost: Look, let’s not get into what might have shot into the sky and which enemy just summoned a bunch of reinforcements. Hawthorne: He sounds like you. Cayde-6: Aww… Thank you! @pirate_dani
Ghost: I think they were waiting for us this time.
Hawthorne: Sometimes the best way to spring a trap… is to spring the trap.
Cayde-6: Alternatively, don’t be there when it springs.
Ghost: We’ll have to try that next time!
Ghost: Door’s unlocked. But I couldn’t get through without tripping their master alarm.
Hawthorne: Not a trade I would have made, but you’re the one on the ground.
Cayde-6: Come on, how bad could one little alarm be?
Ghost: Very bad.
Cayde-6: Did you shoot up a flare? I thought we weren’t allowed to have flares anymore after I… had nothing to do with why we’re not allowed to have flares.
Ghost: It wasn’t us! They must have detected me in their network.
Hawthorne: Then I’d get ready for reinforcements. A lot of reinforcements.
Ghost: We’re through. And I made things more exciting.
Cayde-6: Don’t sound so down, little guy. Fireteams are built for excitement!

** A Cabal transport ship appears, picking up a nearby tank.

Dialogue Author File Location
Ghost: That tank just exposed a solar fuel cell. @pirate_dani
Ghost: That last tank didn’t finish refuelling before it got airlifted out. Cayde-6: Amanda told me Cabal fuel makes a pretty good accelerant. @Sekuiya
Ghost: Wait a minute – there’s a high concentration of solar energy over there! @Sekuiya
Hawthorne: Scanners show reinforcements coming.
Ghost: That last harvester exposed an active fuel cell. Maybe we can use it!
Cayde-6: Attaboy.
Ghost: Thanks for moving that tank out of the way. Head for that solar fuel cell! @DrJazzyBebop

** The Guardian picks up the solar charge.

Dialogue Author File Location
Hawthorne: Whats that hissing noise? Cayde-6: That’s me. I must have… Oh, wait a minute. Nope, not me. Ghost: It’s us! She’s carrying the fuel cell! Cayde-6: Nice! @pirate_dani
Ghost: Great, grab it and… uh, whats the plan here? Cayde-6: Plan shmam. Take the radioactive thing and put in explody place. There… there’s your plan. @pirate_dani
Ghost: OK, I didn’t mean for you to pick it up! But we’ll work with this. Hawthorne: Is this what “be brave” means for you Guardians? Didn’t know it was a prayer. Cayde-6: A true Guardian grabs the danger and walks around with it. @Sekuiya
Hawthorne: I can’t believe it. You were right. He grabbed it.
Cayde-6: It’s what I would have done.
Hawthorne: It’s not what ANYONE should have done!
Ghost: Why would you pick it up?!
Cayde: So she can find where it’ll do the most damage. Smart.
Ghost: Is it?!
Ghost: There’s an exhaust vent nearby, but I don’t know how long you want to hold onto that thing! @DrJazzyBebop

** The Guardian deposits the Solar Charge on an exhaust vent.

Dialogue Author File Location
Cayde-6: Sounded like a nice dunk. Hawthorne: ‘Dunk’? Cayde-6: Yeah, thats what we Guardians call it when we jam a radioactive fuel cell into an exhaust vent. You wouldn’t understand. @pirate_dani
Ghost: We did it! And we didn’t blow up.
Cayde-6: Yeah, not blowing up is as good as you can hope for sometimes.
Hawthorne: Way to reach for the starts.
Ghost: Nice work! That should take care of the barrier! @DrJazzyBebop

++ Legion’s Anchor, European Dead Zone

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Ghost: Still haven’t been able to track down Zahn. Cabal usually LIKE to be found. Cayde-6: This guy’s no ordinary space rhino. His weapons ain’t half bad, either. Hawthorne: Those weapons have snuffed out too many good people. Cayde-6: Oh, don’t get me wrong. He’ll still deserve whatever this fireteam gives him. They always do. @Sekuiya
Ghost: Zahn’s lieutenants aren’t messing around. Think we’ve seen the last of them?
Hawthorne: He’s bound to have more. Insecure men tend to surround themselves with others like them.
Ghost: Cayde? Anything to add?
Cayde-6: Nope, she’s totally right. Which is why I work alone.

++ Sunken Isles, European Dead Zone

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Ghost: Well, this looks familiar. Cayde-6: Yeah, funny story about the Oh-roh? Oh-roh… Oh-roh-bahn…uh… Hawthorne: Cabal and their weird ship names. Think it was the Orobas Vectura. Cayde-6: Yeah, that one. Zhan moved in after you put Thumos out to pasture. He’s in there somewhere. @pirate_Dani
Ghost: The ship is still here!
Cayde-6: Zahn moved in after you put Thumos down. Surprised he hasn’t painted the place chartreuse to match his armor. //REFERENCE {transcript:Unbroken}
Hawthorne: I’m sorry, painted it what now?
Cayde-6: Ah… nothing.

NOTE: If a tank appears

Dialogue Author File Location
Ghost: Now we’re talking. Let’s get in that tank and bust them up!
Cayde-6: Why does everyone get a tank but me?!

** The Guardian make their way into the ship, Orobas Vectura.

Dialogue Author File Location
Ghost: We’re inside the ship again. Zhan can’t be far now.
Cayde-6: Could be some really weird defenses in there. Not just flame turrets – I’m talking REALLY weird.
Hawthorne: Don’t mess with them. They need to stay focused.
Ghost: Back into the ship we go. We’re coming for you, Zahn.
Hawthorne: He’s got a lot to answer for. Be thorough.

++ Echion Hold, European Dead Zone

Dialogue Author File Location
Ghost: I liked this place better when there wasn’t a Cabal TANK in it. Hawthorne: Why would they put a tank inside a ship? Cayde-6: Cause Zahn’s running scared. Don’t let up, fireteam. @Sekuiya
Ghost: No sign of Zahn. But that elevator’s the only way forward. Forward… and up.
Cayde-6: The Cabal made an elevator that goes forward? Man, they ARE inefficient.
Ghost: Remember that elevator? Looks like we have to bring it down again.
Cayde: That sounds easy.
Ghost: There’s a tank here.
Cayde: OK, well, there are many… levels of easy.

NOTE: If the Guardian destroys the first Goliath Tank

Dialogue Author File Location
Ghost: One less tank to worry about. But we need to get up that elevator! @Sekuiya
Ghost: Now that we’ve dealt with the tank problem, we can focus on lowering that elevator. Look for control panels! @Sekuiya
Ghost: Got it!
Hawthorne: The elevator?
Ghost: No, the tank. NOW comes the elevator.

** The Guardian sends the Ghost to interact with two consoles to open a path forward. An elevator drops down with another tank on it.

Dialogue Author File Location
Ghost: Oh, come on! ANOTHER one? @Sekuiya
Ghost: Another tank. There was another tank on the elevator. @Sekuiya
Ghost: Hawthorne, you’re not going to believe this.
Cayde-6: Wait, wait, wait! Let me guess – giant flame turret.
Ghost: No. But thanks for that image.
Ghost: That tank’s between us and Bracus Zahn.
Cayde-6: I think you should blow up the tank.
Hawthorne: He’s a master tactician.
Ghost: Hey, Cayde. Ten glimmer says there’s a tank on that elevator.
Hawthorne: Please don’t encourage him.
Cayde-6: [whispers] You’re on.

** The Guardian sends the Ghost to hack a console to breach the hangar security. A door leading there opens.

Dialogue Author File Location
Ghost: There he is! Baracus Zhan is here.
Cayde-6: Try and grab his flame turret blueprints after he’s dead.
Ghost: We found Zahn!
Hawthorne: Don’t let him escape.
Ghost: Zhan is here!
Cayde-6: And the flame turrets? Is he using the flame turrets?
Ghost: YES.

** The Guardian jumps on the lift and is transported to the area with Bracus Zahn.

Dialogue Author File Location
Ghost: Now we’ve got you Zhan in a place you know way better than us. But that won’t stop us. Let’s get him. @pirate_dani
Ghost: We’re here. End of the line for you, Zahn! Cayde-6: Watch your six. And your twelve. You know what – just – just be careful. @Sekuiya
Ghost: Almost back to the surface.
Hawthorne: Watch for air support. This guy’s too smart to not have a backup plan.
Cayde-6: Eh, backup plans are overrated.
Ghost: Here we go!
Ghost: This is it. We’ve got him cornered… in an airfield. OK… @DrJazzyBebop

** Bracus Zahn retreats to a high column. A shield appears surrounding the column he is on.

Dialogue Author File Location
Ghost: We’ve got to get that shield down! Look around for something we can use! @DrJazzyBebop
Ghost: Where is an overcharged solar cell when you need one? @DrJazzyBebop
Ghost: Unless we disable that shield, we’re sitting ducks out here! @DrJazzyBebop
Ghost: That shield is making me mad! We’ve got to get rid of it! @DrJazzyBebop

** The Guardian defeats Bracus Zahn.

Dialogue Author File Location
Ghost: Target eliminated! Hawthorne: Great work, fireteam. Cayde-6: Ok, yall getting way too formal. Where’s the energy? Let’s hear some chatter other there. Uh?! Hawthorne: The job’s done, Cayde. You can handle the chatter for a while. Cayde-6: Don’t mind if I do. @pirate_dani
Ghost: Take that, Zahn! Yeah! Zavala: Sounds like I returned at just the right time. Excellent work, fireteam. Cayde-6: Thanks, boss! It was by the book, the whole way. Zavala: Does this say “flame turret”? Hawthorne: Don’t forget about the signal flares. Zavala: [Sighs] @Sekuiya
Ghost: We did it! Zahn won’t be making any more scary new weapons for the Red Legion.
Cayde-6: Oh, they will have to use regular old weapons.
Hawthorne: Those we can handle. Nice job.
Ghost: Got him!
Hawthorne: Without Zahn, the Red Legion will be back to throwing rocks before too long. Nice work.
Cayde: You ever been hit with a rock? Don’t joke about that. [To himself] Ah, I miss Eris.
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