The Pyramidion Strike

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++ The Rupture, Io

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Zavala: Fireteam Interpid, you are a go for field ops. I’m handing you off to Asher Mir and Ikora Rey for briefing and mission support. Asher: This is about simple vengeance, assistant. Brakion the Genesis Mind converted my arm and changed my life forever. I want it dead. @pirate_dani
Zavala: Operation Intrepid is live on Io. Ikora Rey and Asher Mir standing by, based on this team’s collective experience with the Pyramidion.
Asher: Delve into its very core to find Brakion, the Vex Mind that transformed my arm. It’s your duty to exact vengeance on my behalf.
Ghost: We always get the low pressure gigs…
Zavala: Fireteam Intrepid is live. I’m handing you off to Asher Mir and Ikora Rey for briefing. Good luck.
Asher: You seek Brakion, the Genesis Mind. It is programmed to transform every speck of matter on this moon into a machine.
Ikora: And be mindful. Some Taken were likely stranded in the Pyramidion when you destroyed that warp gate.
Zavala: Brakion, the Genedis Mind, commands the conversion protocol here on Io. You’ll have to go deep into the Pyramidion to find the Mind.
Asher: And when you destroy it… Rip its arm off for me. Make it even.
Ikora: Asher’s not the only one with a score to settle. Some Taken forces may still be inside the Pyramidion, searching for a way out.

** The Guardian manages to open a pathway to the Pyramidion.

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Ghost: Door is open. Where can we find the Genisis Mind? In the self-organized criticality of the synthoneural terminus. Ikora: No one knows what that means, Asher. Just make your way inside. @pirate_dani
Ghost: So, what can we expect from this place?
Ahser: A cascading hellscape of infinite change. My fireteam required dozens of resurrections on our expedition.
Ikora: And I’m sure it was uphill both ways to the lake where you lost your arm.
Asher: You waste my time with a vapid joke, but, yes! Paradoxically, it was.
Ghost: Door’s open! Anything we should know as we go in?
Asher: The Genesis Mind worked tirelessly to block my fireteam’s advance on his terminus. He reconfigured reality itself to stop us. It would not surpriseme in the least if he intends to employ the same strategy with you, assistant.
Ghost: Reality seems pretty well configured in here, but we’ll keep our eye out.
Ghost: Ikora, Asher. We found a way in.
Ikora: Keep us appraised of your progress, please. There’s no way for us to know if you’re busy fighting, or if you’ve transcended this reality.
Asher: Indeed. It’s entirely probable that the Vex are simulating our interactions with you at this very moment.

++ Pyramidion, Io

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Ghost: Hey, team, there are Taken here. …Team?
Ghost: That’s fine. We’re only inside of a giant, planet-transforming pyramid with interdimensional specters and reality-bending robots. What could go wrong?
Ghost: Ikora, you were right about the Taken in here.
Ikora: I expected as much. Don’t let them distract you from finding the Genesis Mind. We’ll deal with them another time.
Ghost: Oh, good. Taken ninjaing out of thin air. Just what we needed. @DrJazztBebop.

After the first set of lasers

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Ikora: Odd, we’re monitoring the Pyrimidions resonant frequencies as you explore. I thought I recognised the voice of… Osiris? No. @pirate_dani
Asher: The Vex are single-minded and predictable. But the Taken? They represent entropy. Unpredictable, unsimulatable entropy. @Sekuiya
Ikora: The Taken and the Vex are alike in more ways than not. Both races are designed to serve a single, higher power. @DrJazzyBebop
Ikora: Missions like these make me miss Eris Morn’s wisdom. I imagine you’ll meet her someday, when she returns from her business with the Hive. //NOTE: This dialogue was heard on a veteran account. @DrJazzyBebop
Ikora: When the King fell, the Taken became aimless. Now, they move with renewed purpose. We have no time for another war. @DrJazzyBebop

After the second set of lasers

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Ikora: You’ve never told me about your fireteam, Asher. Asher: What is there to say? Hunters, the both of them. I hired them for an earlier expedition and we stuck together. Until we didn’t. So. @pirate_dani
Asher: I have not spoken to my old fireteam since the accident. Nor have they spoken to me. And so, we prove the resilience of camaraderie. @pirate_dani
Asher: The Taken and the Vex share one key ability – the power to infect the very nature of one’s existence. @Sekuiya
Ikora: The Taken move between dimensions as effortlessly as the Vex move between realities. Perhaps their mindlessness is the key. @Sekuiya
Ikora: This is not the only Pyramidion. I do wonder if each one is an individual manifestation, linked to a common interior space, just as the Vex are linked to a common Mind. @Sekuiya
Asher: We have never witnessed the origins of the Vex. They are not born, like humans. They are not created, like Exos. Perhaps, like the Awoken and my arm, they are converted. @DrJazzyBebop
Asher: I’m seeing an unacceptable level of variance in my field instruments. I hypothesize Taken interference. Eliminate them. @DrJazzyBebop

** The Guardian gains access to the second Warp Gate.

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Ikora: Asher’s studying data on your current position. I believe he’s said ‘impossible’ oh, 12 times and counting. I’ll patch him in. Asher: Impossible. Impossible… but could it? No no no, but thats impossible! Impossible! But why? Would could govern such an impossible discrepancy? @pirate_dani
Ikora: We’re analyzing live data from your team and – brace yourself – I believe our Gensym Scribe is genuinely confounded.
Asher: Inaccurate! I have never been confounded in my life.
Ikora: Asher can’t figure out where you are. If he drops out, it’s because he’s thrown a tantrum and broken his microphone.
Asher: I heard that, you wretch!
Ikora: Mmm. He feels safe saying such things because he is on Io, and I am not.

During the third set of lasers

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Asher: You should now find yourself before an abyss of swirling data. Various realities being written and overwritten, you see… Ghost: I really want to tell that’s exactly what we’re looking at, but… @pirate_dani
Asher: You should now be entering a Hilbert space, if the Taken have not misaligned the Pyramidion’s base geometric intuitions. Ghost: Gesundheit. Asher: I did not sneeze, you fool. It is an infinite dimensional functional space, the Vex often- oh, why am I wasting my breath! @pirate_dani
Ikora: Asher just stepped away. He’s referencing no fewer than five of his own books on the Pyramidion, and I’m not sure which I can use to guide you. “Existential Tyranny: Part 1”? Hmph. “Negation and Identity: Vex Transformation Mechanisms”? Oh. This is why I prefer applied research. @Sekuiya
Asher: If your current eigenstate is comparable to my historical data, I predict you should now find yourself in a vast desert of tiny, cubic crystals. Climb straight up the Sierpinski carpet and then through the manifold. Brakion is not far now.
Ghost: Uhh… Got it. Do you think Asher’s playing some weird… science prank on us?
Asher: Taken interference notwithstanding, you should now face an amygdalan causeway. Proceed. Avoid the density matrix.
Ikora: You are certain that you know where they are?
Asher: Nothing is certain in the Pyramidion. My hypotheses are mere approximation.
Asher: Ahem! You should now find yourself staring into the inscrutable nostril of a slumbering machine. Proceed inside.
Ghost: Sorry, a nostril? You’re sure about that?
Asher: You suggest I would say anything I am not certain of?

** The Guardian goes through the last Warp Gate.

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Ghost: We went through a gate and now we are looking at a scary bottomless pit. Asher: What? There is no pit! Only the fractal shores of a radiolarian lake. Ikora: This is nothing like Asher’s stories of the Pyramidion. This is clearly some kind of trap. @pirate_dani
Asher: According to my projections you should now be approaching the lake of Radiolarian fluid were i was… afflicted. Ghost: ummmmm, nope. No lake, just a ominus pit. @pirate_dani
Asher: You should now be arriving on the shores of an inscrutable radiolarian lake.
Ghost: Oh. Not a pit?
Asher: What pit? There is no pit in the Pyramidion!
Ghost: Uh, I mean yes! Silly me! Here’s the lake now.

** The Guardian goes through the Conduit to a new area.

Dialogue Author File location
Ghost: We’re in some kind of interdimensional terminal Asher: The synthoneural terminus. You’re on Brakion’s doorstep. Ikora: Inform the Genisis Mind that it has guests. @pirate_dani
Asher: My projections show you have reached the synthoneural terminus at the center of the lake. Ghost: Maybe the ‘lake’ is a metaphor. Asher: Summon the Genesis Mind. Destroy it! Make it suffer! And it is not a metaphor! @pirate_Dani

** The Guardian defeats Brakion, Genesis Mind

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Asher: Well? Did you find Brakion? Did you sever its arm from its chassis and send it spiraling into the infinite? Ghost: Ah… It’s dead. Its… it’s real dead. @pirate_Dani
Asher: Tell me! Is the Genesis Mind dead yet?
Ghost: Yep. Went down like a ton of bricks.
Asher: Yes… I have dreamt of revenge since I woke in the hospital without my arm.
Ghost: Brakion, Genesis Mind, is no more.
Asher: Bring me its arm. I wish to hang it in a place of honor. If it’s been destroyed, bring me the ashes. I have constructed an urn for them.