Tree of Probabilities Strike

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++ The Lighthouse, Mercury

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Sagira: Guardian! We’ve got Cabal loose. A glitch within the Forest has created copies of the invasion. Feel like a gunfight?
Ghost: Getting my Guardian into trouble is MY job.
Sagira: She likes me better.
Ghost: Whatever you say. Be there soon.
Sagira: Hey, team! Copies of the Cabal invasion are trapped inside the Infinite Forest. On the, uh, off chance one of them escapes, possibly armed with world-breaking Vex tech…
Ghost: Wouldn’t be the first time. We’ll handle this.
Ghost: Incoming transmission. Text only. “Forest created copies of Cabal invasion. Eliminate them. -Osiris.”
Ikora Rey: We still can’t track you in there, Guardian. No matter how much Asher wishes we could. If you’re going in, watch your back.
Osiris: Guardian, I need your help. Temporal copies of the Cabal invasion force have appeared within the Infinite Forest - an unfortunate glitch. Can I count on you to eliminate them?
Ghost: Since you asked nicely, yes.
Sagira: He was coached.
Osiris: The Red Legion continues to patrol this area, and its campaign for the Infinite Forest rages on. Repeated incursions have caused a glitch, and a Legionary squad is now trapped in time.
Ghost: I never get tired of paying them back for the Tower. We’re on it.
Ikora: My Hidden operatives tell me the Cabal have caused some kind of anomaly inside the Infinite Forest. Multiple squads from your first visit have been copied. Osiris is… concerned. You don’t have to, but if you go in there, make sure the Cabal don’t leave with any Vex tech. @DrJazzyBebop

** The Guardian opens the portal to the Infinite Forest.

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Ikora: I’ve alerted the Hidden to halt observation and keep clear of the Forest. Your fireteam is free to do its job. Good luck. @DrJazzyBebop
Ikora: Osiris says he’s the protector of the Forest, but as far as the Vanguard is concerned, this is your territory. Good hunting. @DrJazzyBebop
Sagira: You’re showing up on the tracker. Good to see both of you again.
Ghost: Keep forgetting I wasn’t here last time.
Sagira: It was so fun! I mean - you didn’t miss much.
Ghost: The geometric data I’m reading from this archetecture - it’s subtly shifting. Like reality trying to decide on a version it likes.
Sagira: In the Forest, time itself is in flux.
Ghost: I don’t like it.

++ Infinite Forest, Mercury

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Osiris: I can feel your approach, Guardian. Welcome back to the Forest. @DrJazzyBebop

** The Guardian transverses the shifting pathway towards the Simulant Present

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Ghost: Sagira, I’ve been meaning to ask… What are you and Osiris doing out here?
Sagira: We’re not completely sure yet. Some light remodeling, maybe.
Ghost: The Vex wont like that.
Sagira: They don’t have a say.

** The Guardian enters the portal to the Simulant Present and eliminates the hostile Cabal.

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Ghost: That chasm in front of us looked uninviting, so I simulated a Sparrow for you.
Sagira: I had the same idea. You just said it first.
Ghost: While you were fighting, I was thinking of a way over that ramp, so I simulated your Sparrow. It’s good to go! @DrJazzyBebop
Ghost: I’ve used the Forest to create a simulation of your Sparrow. You’re gonna need it for that ramp.
Osiris: A Ghost can do that?
Ghost: I just did.

++ Atlas Grove, Mercury

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Ghost: These Cabal must have a leader.
Sagira: You’re headed straight for him. He’s caught in a window in time, trying to steal the map before we can get it. He’ll fail every time, but he doesn’t know that.
Ghost: Sounds horrible.
Sagira: The future where he succeeds is much worse.
Ghost: I can’t tell these Cabal apart from the real thing.
Sagira: What’s the difference? Vex simulations can kill. These copies have the same goal as their counterparts: find a future where the Red Legion wins the Red War.

** The Guardian enters a new area where Khartion, Archival Mind appears.

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Ghost: So, where’s this Valus?
Sagira: Wait for it…

** Valus Thuun jumps on top of Khartion and destroys it. The Guardian fights Valus Thuun for a short time before the Vex activate a set of lasers.

Dialogue Author File location
Ghost: The Vex just turned up their security measures. Trying to flush us out of here. @DrJazzyBebop
Ghost: The Vex activated their security grid.
Sagira: They see you and the Cabal as invaders. Relax. It worked out fine the first time.

** The Vex activate another set of lasers.

Dialogue Author File location
Ghost: They’ve activated more lasers.
Sagira: It’s hard not to admire the artistry.
Ghost: It’s really not.

** The Guardian defeats Valus Thuun.

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Ghost: All Cabal eliminated. We’ll make a full report to the Vanguard.
Sagira: It’s always an honour, Guardian. Take care of her, Ghost.
Ghost: If she’ll let me.
Ghost: Does anyone else feel like we’ve done this before?
Sagira: Why do you keep asking that? I was the active Ghost last time. Now it’s you.
Ghost: I’ve never asked that.
Sagira: Huh. I swear you did.
Ghost: There’s something strange about this Forest.
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I’ll try to upload a clip where osiris didn’t know the ghost could make a sparrow that could jump the chasm, once I find it through the clutter.

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