Tree of Probabilities Strike


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++ The Lighthouse, Mercury

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Sagira: Guardian! We’ve got Cabal loose. A glitch within the Forest has created copies of the invasion. Feel like a gunfight?
Ghost: Getting my Guardian into trouble is MY job.
Sagira: She likes me better.
Ghost: Whatever you say. Be there soon.
Sagira: Hey, team! Copies of the Cabal invasion are trapped inside the Infinite Forest. On the, uh, off chance one of them escapes, possibly armed with world-breaking Vex tech…
Ghost: Wouldn’t be the first time. We’ll handle this.

** The Guardian opens the portal to the Infinite Forest.

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Ikora: I’ve alerted the Hidden to halt observation and keep clear of the Forest. Your fireteam is free to do its job. Good luck. @DrJazzyBebop
Ikora: Osiris says he’s the protector of the Forest, but as far as the Vanguard is concerned, this is your territory. Good hunting. @DrJazzyBebop
Sagira: You’re showing up on the tracker. Good to see both of you again.
Ghost: Keep forgetting I wasn’t here last time.
Sagira: It was so fun! I mean - you didn’t miss much.

** The Guardian enters the portal to the Simulant Present and eliminates the hostile Cabal.

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Ghost: That chasm in front of us looked uninviting, so I simulated a Sparrow for you.
Sagira: I had the same idea. You just said it first.

++ Atlas Grove, Mercury

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Ghost: These Cabal must have a leader.
Sagira: You’re headed straight for him. He’s caught in a window in time, trying to steal the map before we can get it. He’ll fail every time, but he doesn’t know that.
Ghost: Sounds horrible.
Sagira: The future where he succeeds is much worse.

** The Guardian enters a new area where Khartion, Archival Mind appears.

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Ghost: So, where’s this Valus?
Sagira: Wait for it…

** Valus Thuun jumps on top of Khartion and destroys it. The Guardian fights Valus Thuun for a short time before the Vex activate a set of lasers.

Dialogue Author File location
Ghost: The Vex just turned up their security measures. Trying to flush us out of here. @DrJazzyBebop

** The Vex activate another set of lasers.

Dialogue Author File location
Ghost: They’ve activated more lasers.
Sagira: It’s hard not to admire the artistry.
Ghost: It’s really not.

** The Guardian defeats Valus Thuun.

Dialogue Author File location
Ghost: All Cabal eliminated. We’ll make a full report to the Vanguard.
Sagira: It’s always an honour, Guardian. Take care of her, Ghost.
Ghost: If she’ll let me.

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